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Vitamin B17- Therapy for cancer1

Vitamin B17, also recognized as Amygdalin and Laetrile, is a potent form of nitriloside that is found in the seeds of bitter almonds, cherry, apricots, and other fruits. Amygdalin- a naturally occurring chemical compound is best known for curing cancer. The properties of vitamin B17 have been studied and used for over 100 years now. The magical benefits of vitamin B17 have helped many in various ways. In this post, we will cover Vitamin B17 or Laetrile cancer therapy.

Basically, Laetrile is a combination of glucose, hydrogen cyanide, and benzaldehyde (effective painkiller). When Laetrile is injected into the body, it is broken down by rhodanese enzymes, present in healthy cells. The rhodanese enzymes break down Laetrile into two by-products thiocyanate and benzoic acid that is beneficial in nourishing healthy cells.

The theory behind Laetrile cancer therapy

Cancer cells have different enzymes called beta-glucosidase and do not have rhodanese enzymes. When beta-glucosidase reacts with Laetrile, it causes the hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde to combine. Further, this reaction destroys and kills the cancer cells, allowing Laetrile to act with selective toxicity. It means that cancer cells are targeted, leaving non-cancerous cells relatively unharmed. This process can lessen side effects for a depleted body with impaired immune stamina and present a viable alternative to chemotherapy.

How Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) is useful for cancer patients

We have studied how Laetrile proves to be beneficial for those who have cancer. Patients that have the following conditions can benefit from IV Laetrile

  • Tumor-forming cancers
  • Chemo resistant cancers
  • Pain caused by cancer activity

Laetrile has been used as an anti-cancer agent since the 1800s. The usage is either done on its own or as part of the program. These could include following a particular diet, pancreatic enzymes, and high dose vitamin supplements.

What benefits it has for cancer patients

  • It improves their health, energy levels, and wellbeing
  • It detoxifies and cleanses the body
  • It helps them to live longer
  • It relieves pain
  • It may lower blood pressure
  • It acts as an immunity booster

Where to buy good quality vitamin B17

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