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For many years, research has been done all around the world in search of a cure for cancer. Amygdalin or laetrile as Vitamin B 17 has been known to contain ingredients that are beneficial in fighting cancer. Consisting of two glucose molecules, it is extracted from the apricot seeds and almonds. 

Researching process is still on-going and the toxicity of amygdalin is not clear, the intake of this supplement should not be more than 3 gm per day, spread over three equal intervals. Since apricot seeds are not locally available in regular stores, vitamin B 17 in its raw forms is not readily available. Therefore, the natural extracts have been the ones used as substitutes. 

Apart from cancer prevention, vitamins B 17 also plays a major role in the general health of the body are our well being as a whole. It has various nutritional components that assure our bodies are well functioning and have the ability to resist infection that includes cold and flu. It has been related to the treatment of cancer whereby tests have shown tremendous deterioration of cancer-related cells after completion of treatment using the nutritional supplement. All the same, a healthy balanced diet should also always be followed to ensure that highly positive and healthy results are achieving and maintaining. 

Here We Describe the Vitamin B 17 Dosage

Krebs suggests that over a period of time a Total Dosage of B 17 in excess of 300 grams is the average in controlling a sensible the cancer crisis. The time required to develop the maximum response is four months to over a year. If the best response is obtained within the first 3 weeks, the dosage may be reduced or the clinical schedule changed to suit the convenience of the patient. 

A severe cancer crisis brought under control managing in a quiescent state by the oral administration of 1 gram of vitamin B 17 daily. However, some patient claims to feel “better” or safer with 1.5 to 2.0 grams to 13-17 daily. Such a dosage of vitamin B 17 is resolute by the patient’s sense of well being, increased strength, increased appetite, weight gain, and psychological with the reduction of anxiety and nervousness, with the exhibition of a more nearly normal degree of hopefulness and interest in his environment. 

The abnormal situation, stress, and illness of any kind have been known to be followed by a renewed outbreak or progression of the cancer process in few patients. The attending physician should be alert of these possibilities with patients in whom the cancer is under control. When a cancer crisis has been effectively controlled for more than 2 years, with the patient showing best responses in weight gain, improved strength, also return to a more nearly normal state of activity and vigour, with negative CGH urine tests, and with progress in x-rays or other objective evidence, the maintenance dose of vitamin B 17 may be reduced to dietary levels of at least 500 milligrams per day. If you want to know more about the Vitamin B 17 Dosage visit Vitamin B 17 website as well

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