What our Customer Say about Vitamin B17 !



Vitamin B17 capsules from Apricot Kernels Induces Apoptosis and Causes Cell Cycle Arrest in Cancer Cells



I was recently diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. I started taking Vitamin b-17 on the day I got the news. After only 3 weeks of use my tumor went from 3cm to 1 cm. I will continue on this journey until my surgery date and perhaps By then I will not have or need surgery. I feel better and it has done no harm to me what so ever. I take 2000mg everyday and eat 10 kernels also with a glass of warm water and I drink two tablespoons of the apricot oil as well. So far I am very happy with my results, and the doctors are very puzzled regarding my case.



6 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer . Had the surgery and was told that because it was an aggressive type, I would have to have 6 chemo treatments. I had one and got so dick I said no more. I am cancer free and will take vitamin b17 capsules for the rest of my life. My husband had diagnosed with skin cancer on his ear and was scheduled for surgery. I started taking 6 vitamin b17 capsules daily and cancer was gone by the time of surgery.