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Vitamin B 17 is a generally used name for a chemical called Amygdalin. It is the compound that is found in the pits or seeds of apples, apricots, peaches, plums, and other many fruits. It’s also in bitter almonds. A partly man-made, purified form of amygdalin, is also known as Laetrile, was patented in the 1950s and became a more popular and alternative treatment for cancer during the 1960s and ’70s. If you looking online Amygdalin in India, then there are lots of Amygdalin Cytopharma providers are available in India, you can also search on the internet and buy online Amygdalin at affordable prices.

Some Studies found that amygdalin is the natural form of laetrile; Amygdalin may also have some other potential health benefits that are listed below:

It may lower blood pressure: According to the study, amygdalin lowers systolic blood pressure by 28.5% and diastolic blood pressure by 25%. These effects will be improved when Amygdalin is taken with vitamin C.

It May relieve Pain: According to the animal clinical study, amygdalin is also helping relieve pain caused by an inflammatory condition such as joint pains, arthritis. But human clinical studies are still awaited.

It May Boost Immunity: A test tube research is found that Amygdalin is also improved the ability of immune cells to fight with cancer cells.

How Amygdalin Works

The way your intestines break it down makes cyanide, which apparently kills harmful cancer cells. Some people have also recommended that it teams up with enzymes in cancer cells to destroy them.

Other says that the cancer was caused because you didn’t have sufficient “vitamin B17.” But there’s no proof that amygdalin acts like a vitamin in your body or that you even need it. Calling it a vitamin is a way to get around regulations for drugs.

Amygdalin is a Cyanogenic Glycoside

When some eat amygdalin, it converts to cyanide in their body. Cyanide is a fast-acting, potentially deadly chemical.

Depending on the dose, cyanide kills many harmful cells in your body. Cyanide kills harmful cells in the human body by preventing them from using oxygen. Amygdalin has also produced cyanide, which is a toxic substance. Cyanide is a cancer-fighting component of laetrile and amygdalin. It’s said that the cyanide released into the body by these substances can kill off cancer cells and protect the normal cells of your body. Vitamin B 17 is the best provider of vitamin B 17 supplements; they also offer the Amygdalin Cytopharma at very affordable prices.

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