Vitamin B 17 Supplement

Long been under debate due to conflicting beliefs, Vitamin B17 is effectively a glycoside, which can be found in certain fruits seeds. It was initially discovered in 1803 by separating molecules from the seeds of bitter almonds, also known as Prunus dulcis by A. F. Boutron-Charlard and Pierre-Jean Robiquet. 

Vitamin b 17 alternatively known as Laetrile and Amygdalin, B17 is extracted from a number of fruit seeds including cherry, apple, orange, peach, apricot, and nectarine. It can be also found a number of grasses and beans including wheatgrass, bamboo shoots, watercress, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, and mung bean sprouts. These fruit seeds are considered to be a very important source of food in providing the required nutrients to the tribes of the Abkhasians. These tribal cultures consumed these fruit seeds as their major source of food, which provided them with essential nourishment and contributed to their health and well-being.

Today, Vitamin B 17 is often shrouded with conflicting reports as it produces the dose of a type of cyanide. Due to this, a number of research programs dedicated to vitamin b 17 were banned in 1977 as a cyanide is deemed as a more harmful chemical. However, according to research the type of cyanide produced by vitamin B 17 targets only the cancerous cells in the body. When vitamin b 17 is ingested, it excretes a type of enzyme that shielded the non-cancerous cells in the body, so that the cyanide only affects the cancerous cells from the body. This means that no harm will be inflicted on the healthy cells in the body. According to this research, it becomes clear that vitamin b 17 is perhaps one of the only natural substances that help to fight cancer. 

It is unlawful for a physician to prescribe Vitamin B17 in the United States. However, a consultation with a nutritionist will also give you more information on how to incorporate Vitamin B17 in your diet as there are various foods that are rich in Vitamin B17. A nutritionist will also provide you with information on the required servings per day to maintain your health. Ingested daily, these will not cause any negative effects on your health and will simply get rid of the cancerous toxins living in your body

Laetrile Treatment for Cancer

Laetrile Treatment for Cancer

Vitamin B 17 is naturally present in several foods, such as wild blackberries, as well as some other types of barriers, grain such as millets and buckwheat beans such as fava and mung beans, raw almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, cassava, yams, and some other. The seeds inside the peaches, apricots, nectarines and cherry pits are also having high amounts of Vitamin B 17. The Laetrile Treatment for cancer uses the apricot-based Vitamin B17.

Vitamin B 17 has the chemical name laetrile; it is a purified form of amygdalin. Evidently, Laetrile can prevent cancer. In stronger doses, people have reported that it has been relatively successful in the treatment of cancer as well; however, this is not its major purpose. It is preferred for cancer prevention measures. To Buy Supplements for Laetrile Treatment for cancer, there are lots of websites available in the market.

It works by destroying all of the ‘bad’ cells that are available in your body. Moreover, scientists have proven that our bodies are constantly making cancerous cells; taking laetrile regularly can work to rid the body of those cancerous cells.

Benefits of Laetrile

While most of the research on laetrile focuses on its effects on cancer, some studies have found that amygdalin, the natural form of laetrile, may have some other benefits.

Here are some possible health benefits of Laetrile Treatment for cancer:

It may lower Blood Pressure: According to research, Amygdalin lowers systolic blood pressure (upper value) by 28.5% and diastolic blood pressure (lower value) by 25%. When taken with vitamin C, the effects are enhanced.

It may relieve pain indeed: Numerous animal studies show that the amygdalin natural form of laetrile may help to relieve pain caused by the inflammatory condition, such as arthritis.

Also, it may boost immunity: A test-tube study found that amygdalin improved the immunity of immune cells to adhere to prostate cancer cells.

Research shows that six people got successful treatment with Laetrile Treatment for cancer.

However, scientists found that laetrile did not help treat cancer as each individual cancer continued to spread. But some reports say laetrile helped treat cancer.

Research has shown that the laetrile can kill cancer cells in certain cancer types. By taking Vitamin B 17 on a daily basis, cancer cells never have a chance to develop because the laetrile destroys them too quickly.


Vitamin B 17 also known as Amygdalin, is a substance that is naturally found in over 1200 different foods like apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, nectarines, apples and peaches and many kinds of raw nuts. The Amygdalin produces hydrogen cyanide, which is changed over to cyanide in the body. Amygdalin attacks on cancer cells directly, which helps in preventing cancer. There are several ways to protect your body from cancer cells, but the Amygdalin is one of the best because it directly damages the cancer cells. Lots of websites are available in the market. They provide Amygdalin Vegetarian Capsules at very affordable prices. 

Amygdalin does have a poison locked away in it- one of its constituents is cyanide, and this is where the controversy lay. Before you rush to judgment, please read on as to how this works. The apricot seed is exclusive in that the cyanide is locked into the Amygdalin compound, which is chemically inert and harmless to normal living tissue. 

Here we describe according to research major benefits of Amygdalin that are explained below:

Lung Health support: Amygdalin protected mice from long and short term ling diseases by using this inflammation, as well as a traditional Chinese medicine remedy with Amygdalin reduced airway inflammation in asthmatic mice. Amygdalin sustained the growth and multiplication of premature lung cells exposed to high oxygen levels. 

Inflammatory pain: In rat with an inflammatory condition, Amygdalin reduced the pain, the level of a protein produced in nerves in response to pain and the production of inflammatory substances.

Endometriosis – the development of tissue similar to the uterine lining in other pelvic organs – reduces fertility and increase menstrual pain. Amygdalin combined with a statin drug to relieve the inflammation in rats with this condition.

Liver heart support: By blocking inflammation, Amygdalin reduced tissue damages and increased survival in mice with liver injury. In mice with fatty liver disease, Amygdalin reduced liver damage. 

Dry Eye Syndrome: Dry eye syndrome occurs when the eye doesn’t produce tears. It’s normally due to the inflammation caused by air pollution particles. In rats and eye cells, Amygdalin improved this condition by reducing inflammation.