We are a Canada based company, that ship globally and are exclusive distributors of CytoPharma, which is the largest exporter of Vitamin B17 in the world. Our company is endorsed by highly qualified drug biologists and experts who are dedicated to constantly optimize our products. Always providing our clients with the best and highest quality nutritional supplements. We have a certificate of analysis that our product is 99% pure. Our commitment is towards quality, integrity, and innovation. CytoPharma is one of the few Amygdalin/B17 producer companies in the world, that conducts its own research, manufacturing, and distribution.

Amygdalin or Laetrile or Vitamin B17 is extracted from the kernels of apricot naturally and has been widely used for the treatments of various degenerative diseases, for over 30 years. It comes under the umbrella of Natural Medicine or Alternative Medicine. There are many companies and brands of Amygdalin or B17 in the market, but not all of them do justice to the quality and purity of Amygdalin.

Here, you get the highest quality supplements to support your B17 therapy. B17 has many other benefits other than having anti-tumor effects. We own 500 mg B17 tablets and injections from CytoPharma. Only two companies are there that distributes B17 worldwide


  • Lowers BP
  • Body Pain Reliever
  • Boost immunity
  • Better than Chemo
  • Vitamin B17