6 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin B17

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What is Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)?

Vitamin B17 in its most natural form is called Amygdalin. It is a natural compound of crystalline chemical nature and bitter taste. Amygdalin is a Greek word derived from almonds because it’s first extracted from bitter almonds in 1830. A theory by an ancient embryologist,   John Beard, supports the fact that cancer is actually caused by the unwanted and unpredicted growth of those cells which lead to placenta genesis. Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) has an inbuilt tendency to counter such malicious cells without harming normal cells. Another theory by Ernest T. Krebs Jr. claims that cancer is caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B17.

These theories are not confirmed but enclose a strong message that Vitamin B17/Amygdalin possesses enhanced anti-cancer and therapeutic properties. B17 Vitamin Benefits were well recognized in ancient times also for curing various kinds of skin cancers. It is primarily used by Egyptians and Chinese for therapeutic practices.

What are the (Natural) Sources of Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)?

It has been established that there are more than 1200 plant species that are the natural storehouses of Vitamin B17. The prominent natural Vitamin B17 sources have been enlisted below [Figure 1].

Benefits of Vitamin B17

A study namely “Amygdalin: Toxicity, Anticancer Activity, and Analytical Procedures for Its Determination in Plant Seeds” done by Ewa Jaszczak-Wilke et al. claim that the anti-cancer activity of apricot sourced Vitamin B17 higher than its other sources.

This is because the amount of hydrogen cyanide produced during enzymatic hydrolysis of apricot sourced amygdalin higher than that of the amygdalin from the other sources. This hydrogen cyanide is the prime reason behind the anti-cancer activity of amygdalin as it causes selective toxicity of cancer cells. Our 100% Natural Vitamin B17 is pure Amygdalin extracted purely from apricot kernels.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B17

There are numerous B17 Vitamin Benefits that dignify its therapeutic value in the world of nutrition. The predominant benefits of Vitamin B17  enlisted below:

Anti-cancer Action

Vitamin B17 possess a huge therapeutic tendency against cancer especially prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer because of the following properties:

  1. Programmed cell death of tumor cells
  2. Selective induction of toxicity in tumor cells
  3. Inhibition of cancer spread
  4. Inhibition of cancer cell proliferation
  5. Eliminating cancer-causing agents from the body
  6. Causing cancer cell starvation


By enhancing the ability of body cells to produce white blood cells, it increases the body’s immunity towards disease-causing agents.

Pain Killer

By reducing certain inflammatory agents and pathways, Vitamin B17 very effectively provides pain-killing effects in case of inflammation-associated arthritis, general body pains, Endometriosis, Dry-Eye Syndrome, and Liver injury issues.

Blood pressure Optimizer

By synthesizing Thiocyanate which is a strong blood pressure lowering agent, it very efficiently manages high blood pressure issues in the body.

Lung Ailments Relief

By relieving and calming the respiratory malfunctioning, Vitamin B17 exhibits anti-asthmatic and antitussive activity. This helps in managing lung ailments like Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, etc. very efficiently.


It detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins released from liver cells and optimizes liver activity.

How Should You Consume Vitamin B17?

The Vitamin B17 supplements can be administered via oral as well as parenteral (Intravenous) route following a set metabolic therapy. The apricot-based Vitamin B17 consumption should gradually be increased to higher doses. According to Dr. Manner, it is better to take fruits rich in pancreatic enzymes and Vitamin C along with Vitamin B17 for cancer. To bring health back to the body, one must add Vitamin D3, bone meal, beets, chaga, grape seeds, kombucha tea, and shiitake mushrooms to the B17 regime.

The recommended quantity of its consumption varies depending upon a person’s past and current health status. Low BP patients should not go for high doses at all. The predetermined dosage of Vitamin B17 Amygdalin 500mg is the most recommended preparation for the best therapeutic benefits. But it advised to go for Vitamin B17 only under medical supervision and start with minimum doses.